My Favourite 5 Lush Products

***This post contains a review of a products which I am not receiving any financial benefit for and have not been given as freebies to produce a review, it is just my opinion.***

I did a post on the 5 most common reasons my dog barks and as I was doing that I decided to do a post on my favourite cosmetics shop –Lush.
I love their products so much. My mum can tell when I’ve had a bath, even if she has been out of the house as the whole house smells, well lush! I will be doing a countdown of my favourite 5 Lush products in this post. I also can confirm I have Lush’s permission to use the photos on their website of the products I’m going to mention.

Number 5: Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Sweetie Pie surrounded by ingredients that make it Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie surrounded by the ingredients that make it Sweetie Pie

I was introduced to this lovely product in April 2009, by a member of staff at the Covent Gardens store. I’m so glad I stumbled upon the Covent Gardens store when I was visiting London and was given a demonstration of Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly. It smells to me like black currants and very sweet. I love the shimmer you get when you use it and that you don’t have to use a lot to clean your body, especially if you use a sponge or body puff. The only problem I find with it is that it can be slippery to use if you don’t have a sponge or body puff.

Number 4: Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder

Vanilla Puff surrounded by vanilla pods

Vanilla Puff surrounded by vanilla pods

To be honest I’m not a big vanilla scent fan, but I do love using Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder. Lush include a vanilla pod in each bottle to keep the vanilla scent in the last drop as strong as the first time you use it. It contains talc which makes it good after a bath…a bit of a luxury talcum powder for adults! 🙂 I sometimes use it as a dry shampoo. I wouldn’t have thought of using it that way, it was a few of the girls who work in my nearest Lush shop, which is in Stirling, that told me it works great as a dry shampoo. I took their suggestion and am glad I did, just a little rubbed into the roots then brushed through and voila renewed hair.

Number 3: Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb

Ickle Baby Bot
I know it’s designed for kids but I don’t care as I have loved this one for a long time. I remember when it was a baby’s face instead of a robot! I tend to break it in half to make it go further and that makes it feasible to be an everyday bath bomb. I used it in the bath once for Bambi and Cinderella, and Bambi giggled with glee watching the robot disappear turning the bath blue and Cinderella was awe-struck at it too.

Number 2: Rose Queen/ Tisty Tosty Bath Bombs

The Rose Queen

The Rose Queen

The Tisty Tosty

The Tisty Tosty

I’ve put these together as to me they are very similar. If I’m a bit strapped for cash I opt for Rose Queen but I’ve got a bit to splurge I love Tisty Tosty. Rose Queen has a mixture of flowers in it and Tisty Tosty has roses in it, then they float around the bath giving a feeling of luxury and gorgeous rose scents fill the bathroom. (If I remember right Rose Queen has a rose in its flower mixture too but don’t quote me!)

Number 1: Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

Honey I Washed The Kids

Honey I Washed The Kids

Honey I Washed The Kids surrounded by the ingredients that make it Honey I Washed The Kids

My ultimate favorite and no this isn’t a sequel to the 80’s and 90’s film series, it is a wonderful soap! If I could only have one Lush product for some reason (like being stranded on a desert island scenario) it would be Honey I Washed The Kids. I love the smell, a toffee, honey, caramel smell that envelops you the minute water hits the soap. For the rest of the day I sniff my hands to recapture that scent. It is so moreish and I admit I have been tempted to eat it on more than one occasion as it smells delicious. That would certainly bring a whole new meaning to wash your mouth out with soap – lol. In fact when I stumbled upon the Covent Gardens store, if I remember rightly the reason I went in was because of my love of Honey I Washed The Kids Soap and wanted some, so I owe my love of Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly to Honey I Washed The Kids Soap.

Those are my top 5 but some others that didn’t make it into the top 5 but I still love are Brazened Honey Face Mask, Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo, Rock Star Soap, Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and Figs And Leaves Soap. Another product I loved to bits but was discontinued is Coconut Deodorant Powder.

Top Tips: use Figs And Leaves Soap as an exfoliating soap! I also love that if you bring back 5 black pots you get a free face mask, which I use to try the different ones but my favorite face mask is still Brazened Honey Face Mask.

In the spirit of honesty I also feel I should mention the products that unfortunately I haven’t loved. Remember this is just my opinion, you may like them and that’s great. Teo Deodorant and Toothy Tabs – why? Well the Teo Deodorant was great at first but the more I used it, it began to irritate my skin. Toothy Tabs I want to love but all the samples in store I tried just didn’t taste nice, now I know it’s meant to be toothpaste and taste isn’t number 1 priority but still if you can’t stand the taste of something in your mouth, are you really going to put it in your mouth? (To the Lush employees out there reading this, make one that tastes okay and I’ll be happy to purchase. I accidentally swallowed some of Mint Julips Lip Scrub once and loved how it tasted to me of mint chocolate, so if you could perhaps make a Toothy Tab to taste just like Mint Julips Lip Scrub I’d buy it).

Have you tried Lush before? What’s your favourite products? If you haven’t tried their products before have I inspired you to try one? I’ve been in store many times and I’ve ordered online before and their service is fabulous, but if you haven’t tried their products before I’d recommend visiting a store first to find out which products you like then use the online service to order more of the products you liked. After all the internet doesn’t have a button you can click to get a smell. Leave your comments below and thanks for reading, I’ve now got to go wash my hands as I want to enjoy the Lush aromas!

Brazened Honey Face Mask

Brazened Honey Face Mask

Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo

Jumping Juniper Solid Shampoo

Rockstar Soap

Rockstar Soap

Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar

Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

Figs and Leaves Soap

Figs And Leaves Soap

Top 5 reasons my dog barks

***This post contains a review of a product which I am not receiving any financial benefit for and have not been given as a freebie to produce a review, it is just my opinion.***

So I was thinking of doing a top 5 list but would never wish to post on a topic I don’t know about as I wish to be truthful. One thing I do know about is Max, my West Highland White Terrier. A common, well should I call it past-time with him is barking therefore I decided to tell you the 5 most common reasons he barks. That said trust me when I say with westies sometimes a reason isn’t even required, they just like their voice to be heard… I often feel bad for our neighbours having to putting up with him.

Reason 1: The Postman
Oh yes, the most widely known arch-enemy of dogs – the postman, in fact any delivery man Max hates with a vengeance.

Max: I must tell them don’t ever put anything in my letterbox again!

Reason 2: People or Animals Going Past “His Territory”
Max must bark each time at anyone or any animal to let them know each time this is his home.

Max: How dare that person get out their car, walk past my house to get to their own home! How dare a bird fly by my garden! How dare a dog owner bring another dog for a walk near my home… I must bark to let them know this is my home!

Reason 3: The Vacuum
Carpets need to be vacuumed to be kept clean, that is reasonable right? Not in Max’s head. This is another arch-enemy and it must be barked at and attacked.

Max: Oh no that thing has started up again going over and over the carpet I love to roll on and put my scent all over. I only just got the scent back and that thing is taking it away. I’m going bark at it and pounce on it and hold on to it for dear life to stop it.

Reason 4: Loud Noises
Max must bark each time a loud noise happens near his home. From the poor neighbour trying to mow her lawn or the men that come to pick up the rubbish/ recycling every week or to the noise that can annoy me too of late night revellers loudly shouting in the street.

Max: That woman is out there making that awful noise again with that big machine on her grass, I must bark to tell her stop! Those men are back this week chucking those bags into that huge noisy machine, I must bark to tell them to stop it and not come back. I’m trying to sleep and those people are making noise and am going to let them know I’m sleeping and to be quiet by barking!

Reason 5: Friendly Play
Max sometimes barks when we are playing all different types of games with him but this is a friendly type of bark. The most common game he barks in is what we call “chase me, chase me”, which is just like it sounds. Max *loves* to be chased around the house and play games like hide and seek and he will bark until you chase him or bark at you until you come out of your hiding place. Bambi loves playing “chase me, chase me” with Max but often prefers Max to run after him. Max is glad somebody wants to play with him and therefore happily chases Bambi around the house.

Max: If I bark then they’ll know I’m ready to play. I want them to chase me so I’ll bark until they come running after me.

What most of the reasons above for barking and those not mentioned are based upon is nervousness. Max has been an anxious and nervous dog from the minute I got him. He backs away from adults when they come to him, hence why he barks at them to stop them coming to him in the first place. Though with most kids he is fine including Bambi and Cinderella and let’s them come near him.

A product that significantly helps to keep him calm and less nervous is DAP, which stands for dog appeasing pheromone. A quick explanation of how it works is that when a dog gives birth, she produces a pheromone for her puppies that keeps them relaxed and calm. Scientists have managed to synthetically reproduce this pheromone which can help dog owners as no matter the age of the dog the pheromone is able to relax the dog. DAP is especially recommend for times that are unsettling for dogs like when you first bring home the puppy, moving house, bringing a new addition into the home(like another pet or a baby) and at times when fireworks are known to be going off. You can find out more here. I’ve been using the plug-in diffuser in the hallway for a few years now and when we do have it on (I sometimes forget to get a refill so he can go without it for sometime until I do get the refill) his behaviour improves. Max is often less stressed and more laid back and my ears get a break from the barking. The plug-in diffuser lasts for about a month but as the pheromone is undetectable to humans you don’t have to worry that there will be a weird smell in your home.

Do you have a dog that loves to bark? What common reasons is it for your dog? Or are you fortunate enough to have a quiet dog? Have you tried DAP or a similar product? Or are you glad your dog-free therefore bark-free? Or are you dog-free but desperately want a dog even though it could mean a lot of barks? Leave your comments below, and hope you enjoyed reading. Follow if you wish 🙂 .

Nostalgia Series: 1

I was thinking of what topic I could blog about, after googling ideas I came up with one. A nostalgia series looking back at fond memories in my lifetime.

This time 10 years ago (wow we’re does the time go!) a popular “game” had begun as iPods began to dominate everyone’s music, to use the shuffle feature to answer a bunch of random questions creating bizarre, crazy and odd replies to personal questions. Occasionally the answers would tally up to the questions but more often than not the answers were a laugh-a-minute.

I remember those days fondly. My school friends would all email me it and you would *have* to reply and forward or else you were socially ostracised…well we were just teenagers and your social circle at that time is critical to your survival.

Am glad I know that not to be the case anymore but still I loved the craziness of these games. In fact “google” “iTunes shuffle game” and you will see many posts of this type still being circulated to this day. In an act of nostalgia of this fad that began 10 years ago I’ve decided to make up a mini one for you to enjoy based on my music on my iPhone’s shuffle.

You may join in this mini quiz if you wish by commenting or using it on your own blog but please provide a link to this blog. You could give the humorous music shuffle answer and the honest answer if you wish.
1) Put your music player (iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3 player etc) on most played and shuffle.
2) Use the song title as the answer (but also provide the artist in brackets)

The nostalgia series mini music quiz:
1) What is your biggest fear?
2) What makes you happiest?
3) What is your dream occupation?
4) Where is your next holiday destination?
5) What is your favourite meal?

My nostalgia series mini music quiz answers (slight anxiety/ nervous attack over impending answers):
1) When I Look At You (Miley Cyrus)
2) Drive (The Cars)
3) Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down (Alicia Keys)
4) Amazed (Lonestar)
5) Wherever You Will Go (The Calling)

We’ll I hope you had fun reading, comment if you wish and come back soon for another nostalgia series post. Oh and don’t take answer 1 personally, I don’t really mean it – it was shuffles fault.

The first challenge: success or failure

In my previous post I tried my challenge for the first time. Now depending on your point of view I either succeeded or failed.

If I was a pessimist I would say huge failure. The challenge title is for one thousands words, and I only achieved 222 which for the math enthusiast out there is not even 25% of the challenge total, in fact it is 22.2 %, so I never reached my goal.

If I was an optimist I would say total success. Why? We’ll if you check out the rules, number 5 is that you shouldn’t worry if you can’t get to one thousand, just have fun. There was two posts that got this challenge started and the first one was about how I hoped this blog would stick and that I would aim to blog at least once a week. The second blog was the result – a challenge to blog once a week about a picture found on a public domain website such as pixabay.

My opinion: It was a success as there is a rule that you don’t need to get one thousand and it is a fun way to ensure I blog at least once a week.

Your opinion: Was the challenge a success or failure? Leave a comment if you wish. If you would like to join in the challenge, here is the details. What challenges have you done that didn’t go to plan? Did you take the optimist view or the pessimistic view?
Thanks for reading!

Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words Week 1

To find out about the challenge click here.



The family went on holiday, touring the country they knew little about. On the family’s travels, the mother chose to spend an evening at the beach with her two children. The children felt the cooling sand between their toes and squealed at the sensation of the wet sand. The sands instability meant the children struggled to run fast and carefree. The father watched as mother and children paddled in the rolling waves all gleefully screaming as a fresh frozen wave lapped up their legs. The faces of the family plainly painted their contentment and happiness.

The purple-blue hues mixed with the deep orange and red as the sun began to disappear from the sky and the clouds moved in for the night. Birds flew in the sky above seeking their refuge for the night to come. The setting of the sun weighed on the father’s mind, as he knew it would take time to get to the hotel that they booked to stay in for the night.

Looking up at the bridge they would have to cross to get to the hotel and back to his wife and children who were satisfied from the simplest of pleasures, tore his heart in two. Would he prise away his family who were at peace on a beautiful beach or leave them to enjoy themselves?

A picture paints a thousand words

In follow-up to my previous post Will this one stick? I have a plan. The saying goes that a picture can paint a thousand words so, once a week I will chose an image from pixabay as they are images in the “public domain” and they tend to be graphically stunning. If I should use another “public domain” website I will credit that website as when I use it. My challenge will be then to come up with one thousand words to describe that picture or a story of some sort behind the picture. Anyone wish to join me on this challenge? I will be calling it Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words.
The title of the post will be the challenge name followed by sequential numbering of the week, for example the first one will be Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words Week 1, the second Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words Week 2 and so forth.
If you plan to join me in this challenge which I will start tomorrow please leave a comment to say so. Thanks.

Will this one stick?

I have blogged before, out there on some websites sit blogs I would do for a month or so, then I’d get a bit of writer’s block or have 0 readers and I’d tell myself to take a break. A few days later I’d forget to go back and by the time I remembered I’d have forgotten the email address I signed up with, or the password or sometimes the website I’d signed up with. Years later out there is bits and pieces of information about me, but I’ve no idea where.

I hope this time my blogging will stick and it should this time. Having an iPad and iPhone means having the app on the homepage as a daily reminder to at least sign in and check out things like the stats, therefore less likely to abandon. Plus I have my musings of Bambi and Cinderella to write about – I believe no chance in writer’s block.

So I plan to write at least once a week even if it’s to report that nothing new has happened in a bid to get me in a habit of blogging.

Has anyone experienced the abandoned blog somewhere on the internet?
Are you now successful at blogging? How long have you been successful? Or do you fear your current blog is just a few non-blogging days away from being another abandoned blog?

Children can be cruel.

Today Bambi and Cinderella were here for a couple of hours. A couple of days ago I had created a very personalised handwriting practice sheet for Bambi, from the website with sentences about his various likes. For example having the sentences “Yellow is my favourite colour. I love my family. I like cars and trains”. He had only completed one sentence and started the second when he put his head on the table and said “I can’t do it”. My mum and I tried to encourage him to continue but he walked away into the hallway.

I went after him and asked him what was wrong to which he told me people laugh at him. I picked him up carried him back to the living room and asked him to tell me who laughed at him. Bambi said everyone, and knowing that this wasn’t true asked him further “Tell me someone who has laughed you”. Bambi mentioned a name of another child who is in his nursery class who has picked on him before. I asked did (well let’s call the child O) O laugh at you because you can’t do letters well and after his confirming this my mum and I consoled him explaining that not everyone is good at everything, reinforcing his strengths of things like Lego construction and ability to use computers/tablets etc. We also reminded him that what O did was not nice and kind and we shouldn’t laugh at others when they can’t do things. I also comforted him by telling him that for a long time I couldn’t do letters.
In fact to this day my handwriting can be appalling, you be better off trying to decipher a doctor’s signature. Although I didn’t tell him as we tried to highlight that the more you do something you will get better and didn’t want to discourage him by the fact my handwriting hasn’t improved much.

My question is was O being cruel by laughing by nature? Or has he learned this behaviour by people close to him being cruel over his failings? I think it is horrible to see children this young behaving in this manner. In fact anyone being cruel like this is horrible, but where did O learn it from? As annoyed as I am for his upsetting my nephew, I am also concerned for him. What if he is growing up in a cruel environment? What kind of adult will he become? As adults we have to be very careful with how we behave around children, as they will imitate us. It is our responsibility to teach children. What are your actions teaching the children around you? To be cruel or kind?