Will this one stick?

I have blogged before, out there on some websites sit blogs I would do for a month or so, then I’d get a bit of writer’s block or have 0 readers and I’d tell myself to take a break. A few days later I’d forget to go back and by the time I remembered I’d have forgotten the email address I signed up with, or the password or sometimes the website I’d signed up with. Years later out there is bits and pieces of information about me, but I’ve no idea where.

I hope this time my blogging will stick and it should this time. Having an iPad and iPhone means having the app on the homepage as a daily reminder to at least sign in and check out things like the stats, therefore less likely to abandon. Plus I have my musings of Bambi and Cinderella to write about – I believe no chance in writer’s block.

So I plan to write at least once a week even if it’s to report that nothing new has happened in a bid to get me in a habit of blogging.

Has anyone experienced the abandoned blog somewhere on the internet?
Are you now successful at blogging? How long have you been successful? Or do you fear your current blog is just a few non-blogging days away from being another abandoned blog?


3 thoughts on “Will this one stick?

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