The first challenge: success or failure

In my previous post I tried my challenge for the first time. Now depending on your point of view I either succeeded or failed.

If I was a pessimist I would say huge failure. The challenge title is for one thousands words, and I only achieved 222 which for the math enthusiast out there is not even 25% of the challenge total, in fact it is 22.2 %, so I never reached my goal.

If I was an optimist I would say total success. Why? We’ll if you check out the rules, number 5 is that you shouldn’t worry if you can’t get to one thousand, just have fun. There was two posts that got this challenge started and the first one was about how I hoped this blog would stick and that I would aim to blog at least once a week. The second blog was the result – a challenge to blog once a week about a picture found on a public domain website such as pixabay.

My opinion: It was a success as there is a rule that you don’t need to get one thousand and it is a fun way to ensure I blog at least once a week.

Your opinion: Was the challenge a success or failure? Leave a comment if you wish. If you would like to join in the challenge, here is the details. What challenges have you done that didn’t go to plan? Did you take the optimist view or the pessimistic view?
Thanks for reading!


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