Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words Week 1

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The family went on holiday, touring the country they knew little about. On the family’s travels, the mother chose to spend an evening at the beach with her two children. The children felt the cooling sand between their toes and squealed at the sensation of the wet sand. The sands instability meant the children struggled to run fast and carefree. The father watched as mother and children paddled in the rolling waves all gleefully screaming as a fresh frozen wave lapped up their legs. The faces of the family plainly painted their contentment and happiness.

The purple-blue hues mixed with the deep orange and red as the sun began to disappear from the sky and the clouds moved in for the night. Birds flew in the sky above seeking their refuge for the night to come. The setting of the sun weighed on the father’s mind, as he knew it would take time to get to the hotel that they booked to stay in for the night.

Looking up at the bridge they would have to cross to get to the hotel and back to his wife and children who were satisfied from the simplest of pleasures, tore his heart in two. Would he prise away his family who were at peace on a beautiful beach or leave them to enjoy themselves?


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