Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words Week 2

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Sitting by the fire in living room she enjoyed the warmth of the indoors. She gazed outside at the snow falling on the trees, turning the brown bare limbs into white statues. Her eyes caught the white boots her mother had bought her and she wondered what it would be like to try them on. Tentatively she put her right foot in the right boot then her left foot into the left boot and tied the laces so tight her blood supply was almost threatened to not getting to her toes, but she dare not risk the boots coming off. She got up to walk in them and found herself struggling to keep herself upright and doing a penguin wobble to the right when putting her right foot forward, and another penguin wobble to the left when putting her left foot forward.

On the way to the front door she stopped at the coat rack and put on her coat, hat, scarf and gloves. Inhaling deeply as she stepped outside and closing the door behind her she anxiously looked forward to what she was about to embark upon. Coming upon the snow laden fence, she climbed over it to the thick ice pond behind it. The boots finally stopped penguin wobbling as the steel blade gripped into the ice, yes the ice-skating boots were home. Pushing out on her right foot then left forming v’s on the ice floor, she began ice-skating, sticking to the outer edges of the pond she went full round the pond, back to where she began gradually gaining enough confidence to go to the middle of the pond. After a few times going round and round the middle of the pond, she decided she would try one foot on the ice only. After mastering that she started experimenting with some of the basic moves she had observed on television professional figure skaters doing. The professionals do so elegantly and gracefully yet she could not seem to do so, spending more time on the ice from falling than on the ice by skating.

When she could no longer stand the cold freezing her bones, she penguin wobbled back to her home to get out her soaking clothes into warm, dry clothes. Once in the clothing that was dry, not soaked she went back to the living room that she had been in to gaze back out at the snow laden trees and ice pond that had become her ice rink.


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