Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words Week 3

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The young girl wandered about the meadows enjoying the fresh air in her lungs. She stooped down to pick up a flower and smell it’s aroma. She continued to walk aimlessly around the meadows with youthful joy. Being awestruck at butterflies resting on some buddleia shrubs sporadically spaced throughout the edges of the meadow. Being timid near flowers where pollen was being collected by bees. Looking high up in the sky as birds dived and soared in the air.

She skipped about enjoying the autumn air with her backpack her mother had filled with goodies for her to enjoy on her journey. She noticed a lone tree and took solace from the midday sun. Rummaging through the backpack she found a bottle of juice, sandwiches, an apple and a packet of crisps. A small blanket and a novel were also packed by her mother, so the young girl decided to have a picnic under the lone bare tree. The blanket was laid down under the tree and she sat down to her picnic. After finishing her small picnic she shook the crumbs off the blanket.

For the rest of the afternoon the young girl lay on the blanket, content to enjoy the warmth of the sun though under the shade of the tree and reading the novel her mother had provided.


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