Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words Week 4

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Before starting the challenge this week I thought I’d share why I chose this picture and story. Bambi’s other granny and granddad got a Collie puppy this week and Bambi excitedly told me all about it. Cinderella was apparently less enthusiastic than her big brother at meeting the puppy – she was drawing on paper on the floor when the puppy decided to walk on to her picture and sit down, so she wasn’t amused. In honour then of my nephew and niece I’m writing about the breed of dog that Bambi and Cinderella have at their home – a Labrador. Now to the challenge:

After reassuring her child it was okay, she put the blindfold over his eyes and tied it tight enough not to fall off but not so tight she’d injure him. She then checked his car seatbelt was securely fastened, as his anticipation over the impending surprise grew. Safety checks were then done quietly on her daughter’s car seat so as not to wake her up from her nap. With her husband locking up, she got in the front passenger seat of their car and waited for him to arrive to drive to the destination they had been planning to go to.

With each minute that passed along the journey the boy’s excitement made his words turn into squeaks, with his mum having to remind him to talk in a low voice so his sister wouldn’t wake up. In the boy’s mind an eternity passed on this journey, so he kept asking if they were there yet, to which his parents replied nearly. The car stopped and the question was raised again but his parents explained that the traffic lights had just gone red so they would have to wait for it to be green to go again. Forever in this excited boy’s mind passed by as he awaited his surprise, and once again the car stopped but to his delight the answer he had been waiting for was given. They had arrived.

A car door was opened and shut, then he heard his door open and felt his mum lean over him to undo his seatbelt. He reached up and behind his head to untie the blindfold but his mum gently took his hands and told him to wait until she had got him out the car and walked him to the surprise and then she’d take it off for him. Meanwhile he heard his dad getting out of his seat and going to undo the straps of the carseat his little sister as stealthily as he could. After having accidentally woke their son up once when he was a baby and seeing how his wife responded, he always now took care to keep a sleeping baby asleep.

Taking a firm grip of her sons hand she led him out the car and walked slowly with him up a path and then he heard a doorbell ring. A lady’s voiced welcomed them to her home and then his mum guided him down a myriad of corridors. A door was opened and they all went into this room and his mum told him to kneel down and she would take off his blindfold. With his eyes blinking to adjust to the light he saw a metal playpen full of puppies. Unable to utter a word he looked back at his parents with a huge smile and awe struck expression. His dad placed the car seat gently on the floor, and came down beside his son on the floor and told him he was allowed to chose one to take home. Still unable to utter a word he stuttered out “Really?” to which both parents replied “Yes”. The lady asked him if he would like to get in the playpen to chose, so his dad lifted him over the playpen frame so he could crouch down among the little puppies that now engulfed him. There was 2 chocolate ones and 4 golden ones, but after initial curiosity wore off the puppies wandered off.

Only one golden puppy remained in his lap and curled up and started to shut it’s eyes to go to sleep. The lady then reminded him that he can chose any puppy he wants but it seemed as if that puppy wants him. He looked up at where the others had gone to and then down at the one in his lap and thought out loud “If this puppy won’t leave me, then I won’t leave it”. The young boy then looked up at his parents smiling at him, and his mum asked him what he wanted to call the puppy. His reply was very insightful for a young boy “How can I name my puppy if I don’t know if it is a puppy boy or a puppy girl?”. All eyes turned expectantly to the lady who informed them it was a puppy girl. Looking back down at his puppy he said “Bella. I think Bella is a good name”, he then looked to his parents to see approving nods.
A week later they all returned to collect the puppy, and the young boy was filled with happiness watching his puppy grow and would often sit on the grass with Bella on a sunny day cuddled up together enjoying each other’s company.


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