Shapes for Pre-schoolers!

I mentioned in this post that I planned to bring out a printable pack for pre-schoolers on shapes. I plan to also bring out one on 3-D shapes to, so check back for it.

This pack contains a few things including shapes that have dotted lines along the edge for kiddies to cut out, to colour by shapes (with thick lines to help them colour in the lines), to a Who Am I? Quiz. I hope you have fun, and remember even if how you plan to use it doesn’t go right, as long as the kids are having fun I am sure they will learn something.

Bambi had fun cutting out the shapes then finding the correct one to match the examples. Cinderella gave up using her plastic scissors to cut out shapes and just ripped the paper to get out the shape, but later came to me for a bit of help to cut the shapes after watching her big brother have help from me to cut his shapes.

Let me know how you get on with this pack. I hope as I said to do a 3-D shapes pack but also other packs on different things for preschoolers such as some animals. If I do bring out more, would you return to my blog for more packs? Let me know if you would return for more packs.

I plan to hopefully upgrade my WordPress account someday, (meaning the URL of my blog would change) so if you would want more packs I’d recommend if you’re a WordPress user to follow my blog, and then you’ll be able to easily find my blog. If you are not a WordPress user you can follow my blog with emails- you will get an email every time I post a new blog- just click the little icon on the right hand side of the page that is for following by email. That way even if I do upgrade you will still get easy access to my blog and the packs I offer.

Leave your comments below and thanks for taking the time to download.


Above is the front page of the pack, for all of the printable pack:

Click here to download


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