Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words Week 5

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The mother rushed around packing various things into the backpack that they would likely need, mentally checking off a huge list consisting in part of baby wipes: check, snacks: check, drinks: check, favourite toys and books: check, spare clothes for each of the children: check and lunch for all the family: check. The thought had crossed her mind on more than one occasion to just put the house on wheels rather than take half the possessions out of it and try and squeeze them into the backpack.
In between pushing the backpack to it’s holding limits, the mother was checking the kids were getting themselves ready by periodically calling out questions such as “Have you brushed your teeth yet?” and “Have you put your shoes on?”. It amazed her that each time she went out with the kids she had to go through calling out the list to help them get ready.

Eventually she had everything in the backpack and the kids were ready, so she and her husband were ready to take the kids on the train trip. Although she could drive and had a car she often preferred to use public transport to save having to park, to help the environment and teach the kids how to use transport so that if they ever needed to they would have experience of how to use it on their own. If they took the train they opted for the park and ride system as the nearest train station was a bit away from their home to walk to with 3 kids. Therefore the children were use to getting in the car to go to the train station but as their mother drove past the turning for the station, the eldest immediately wished to correct his mother.

“Mum you’ve made a mistake. You went past the turning for the train station.”
“No darling,” she replied “we are going to a different train station today, one you have never been to before.”

A half hour later they arrived at this different train station and the children were in awe. It was a steam train they would be riding on just for fun, not for a particular destination which was all the children were use to in regards to train travel.

Out of the car they filed, well filed implies orderly so instead we’d have to say out of the car the kids scrambled and took to running up to the platform to look at the steam train close up. In their young minds they imagined this steam train to be Thomas the Tank Engine and were happy to be getting to board this magnificent train.

Once on board they loved the noises of this classic style of train. The children decided to look out the window and observe which things along the tracks were black after their parents explained that because it was a steam train, the soot turns anything that it touches black.

Lunchtime came round while aboard the train and the mother thanked herself for remembering to pack the baby wipes so the kids could clean up to have their lunch.

The day was a success as the children had renewed their love of trains and seen them for an amazing mode of transport. Their parents were also delighted that it sparked in the children a desire to learn about trains and transport. Once they got back to the train station, they were happy to visit the gift shop and buy books on trains and transport for their children.


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