Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words Week 6

To find out about the challenge click here.


Due to the clock change I like most people am a little out of sorts due to one hour less sleep etc, so unfortunately I won’t be able to do much typing today for the challenge but I will do a little.

The shepherd stood by the bottom of the field imparting the trust he had in his border collies to round up his precious flock. Shouting out commands the shepherd managed to get his collies to get the sheep into a sort of circle. Now he used his authority to command the collies to drive the sheep toward him.

A job not many young ones seem today to cherish but this old man loved the challenge to train collies to round up his flock, to be able to care for his flock and to be out in the fresh air all day.

Now the flock was nearby the shepherd issued the command for the collies to drive the flock into his barn to be kept safe during the night. Once he was sure the locks on the barn were all secure he walked to his home and into the kitchen to find his wife dishing up their dinner, whereupon the collies lined up to grab any scrapes and tidbits they would get after their hard day working.


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