Essential oils galore

I posted on 25/03/14 that we have begun using soap nuts and about using essential oils with them. To begin with I ordered lavender, tea tree and mandarin. The tea tree for it’s antibacterial qualities and the mandarin for scent and the lavender for having both. :). I like using the lavender as well for bed linen for its relaxing qualities.

However I want to have more scents to be able to rotate them and some other oils known for other properties, so I ordered more. Today they arrived 😀 so in addition to the above we now have:
Eucalyptus – for relaxing and decongestant for colds etc
Peppermint – for scent
Lemon – for removing grease etc and scent
Grapefruit – for removing grease etc and scent
Orange – for removing grease etc and scent
Palmarosa – for scent

I also ordered the above essential oils as I plan to start making my own cleaning supplies and some of the above like lemon, grapefruit, tea tree and lavender are all good for making your own cleaning products. If anyone has looked at my Pinterest account you may have noticed I have taken to pinning various DIY things. If I find one I really like because it works I’ll let you all know.

Do you make your own cleaning products? Do you use essential oils in your laundry? If so what are your favourite “recipes” and essential oils? Are you considering making your own cleaning supplies or using essential oils in laundry? I’d be happy to read your comments that you leave.


3 thoughts on “Essential oils galore

  1. I love mopping the floors with tea tree oil. It makes the whole house smell fresh. I just use hot water and a few drops of the tea tree oil. I think I am going to have to do a post soon on homemade cleaners.

    • Thanks for reading and for your comment. It’s good to know what your cleaning with and when it makes gorgeous smells you don’t have to worry about what chemicals are causing the smell. I’ll look forward to reading your post if you do one on homemade cleaners.

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