Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words Week 7

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Looking up at the calendar the new mum realised one month ago today, her little bundle of joy arrived. Fondly she recalled that day she had given birth to her child and remembered the weight of that tiny life being placed in her arms, both literally and figuratively. Giving the baby his first nappy change, taking his first photograph, giving him his first bath, taking him for his first walk in his pram and the list went on of his “first” that she had been there for and she loved every moment of being in his life.

The baby was now fast asleep in her arms, and though she treasured holding him whilst he slept, she knew it was better for them both if she placed him in his cot to sleep, so that they could both rest safely. Gently therefore she eased herself out of the chair, walked over to the cot and tenderly kissed him then placed him softly down on the fresh linen. From her mouth crept a happy sigh from watching her little one contentedly sleeping away in his cot.

Reluctantly she made her way back to her chair, before quietly collapsing into it, enjoying the relative freedom her action of putting her baby to bed had caused. Looking around the room she wondered how one small human could occupy so much of one home. From nappy stacks, to piles of clothes, to bundles of books and toys, to bottles and she gave up counting, for losing space and an organised home was worth it for that little boy. On that encouraging thought she became just like her son, content and asleep.


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