Planning an Ikea trip with kids

***This post contains a link to a product but I do not receive any payment or reward for this link, it is just to demonstrate a point of products having multiple uses.***

Well tomorrow my mum and I are taking Bambi and Cinderella to Ikea. I have so many projects on the go, all of the time. For example I’m still working on some things for this blog such as a 3D shapes pack for pre-schoolers and homemade cleaner recipes, various craft projects that I’m working on, in fact I’m sure I have projects for projects for projects going on. I’m always looking for new projects to take on. My latest addition to the spinning plates of projects: my built-in cupboard/closet in my bedroom.

This project is why I’m going to Ikea. My cupboard firstly hasn’t been touched decorating wise in over a decade. Yes you read right. My bedroom has been re-decorated in that time, but not thy cupboard. It has one shelf about 2/3rd’s of the way up the longest wall with a rail below it. This was great at first, but now when Bambi and Cinderella come to visit and I notice something that will intrigue them, or something I want to keep as a surprise for them, or just generally something I don’t want them touching/playing with gets flung in there. Currently I have a box of trains and train track pieces in there covering my shoes, so every time I go to get a pair of shoes I have to wrestle the box out the cupboard retrieve the shoes then wrestle the box back in there.

I’m fed up with this and the mess in there, so for a few weeks I’ve been using my Pinterest account to search and pin many things, but especially inspiration for redecorating this cupboard. It amazes me how people take an item and can use them in different ways, for example the Bekvam spice rack I’ve seen used as a spice rack, but also a place to store other jar types like nail polish and drinking glasses, also seen it holding books so it becomes a mini bookshelf. I’ve seen this spice rack in bathrooms turned upside down to provide a shelf and towel rail. You can gather a lot of ideas.

Most of the things I want I’ll be able to get from Ikea, such as the spice rack, hooks, more rails, some shelves and so on. I can’t wait for tomorrow and neither can the kids.

So to the planning the trip with them. I had told Bambi about my plans to update cupboard and he got very excited as I pointed to various places in the cupboard and told him what I plan to put in there. I asked him if he and Cinderella would want to go with granny and I to Ikea and help me get the things. Of course in an excited voice he said yes, and I already knowing the answer checked to see if he would help me find everything and put it in trolley. Again a happy and excited yes came from his little mouth.

I’ve been using the facility on Ikea’s website to create a shopping list then print it out. I now have a list of things I need from there, and the products that you collect in the self-service area all have their aisle and location on the printout. I foresaw ahead trying to show Bambi and Cinderella the tiny picture that accompanies each item on the printout and a fight erupting over who gets to hold it and poor aunt going home with only half the things she wanted.

Solution: preparation. I checked the list for the items you don’t get in self-service, i.e. the ones in baskets etc throughout the store. I went onto Ikea’s website again, looked up some of the items that would be safe for the kids to look out for (things like storage boxes and the spice rack which wouldn’t break if the kids picked them up), saved the images of the items and made a “shopping list” with the pictures. At the bottom of the list I include the aisle numbers of the items to get in self-service for Bambi to look out for and to help Cinderella start recognising numbers. Again foreseeing a fight I printed out a copy each added a few blank sheets of paper behind it and stapled them together. When we get there I’ll give them one of those Ikea free pencils each to tick of the items and if they get bored looking they can use the extra blank sheets to draw on.

We will be going for breakfast there too as it’s fairly cheap, and I can get a coffee so that by the time we are halfway through the store I can get an energy boost am sure I’ll be needing. I wonder if anywhere does a sanity shot? I’m sure I’ll need that too. Lol. In fact I think I need it now. What was I thinking planning a trip shopping with under 5’s? I think I’m thinking of the fact I get to spend time with my nephew and niece and I love them to bits and want to create memories with them, knowing they’ll remember these moments.

Well I’m going to finish getting things ready for tomorrow as I know the kids will be eager to go as soon as they arrive (my sister-in-law was on phone earlier saying when Bambi woke up the first thing he said “mummy don’t give me breakfast as I’m having breakfast at Ikea” and his mum had to explain it is tomorrow he goes to Ikea). If the shopping list idea is a success I’ll let you know.

What things have you done to create memories with the kids in your life? How do you handle shopping trips with kids? If you haven’t done something similar to my shopping list, has this post given you inspiration to try something like it? Have you used an Ikea product in ways they weren’t designed for like the spice rack as a bookshelf or as a shelf with a towel rail? Hope to hear from you, my readers, so leave a comment if you wish.


2 thoughts on “Planning an Ikea trip with kids

  1. You really are such an amazing Aunt. I would avoid shopping with my “under 5s” at all cost if I could. But you are right, it does make memories. I’m going to have to try the shopping list next time. Let us know how it works.

    • I will let you know how well it goes or whether I make an impromptu purchase of a dustpan and brush to clear up the mess they create lol. I’m really hoping the list works and if the list fails, that the sheets of blank paper will keep them occupied.
      I don’t think I’m an amazing aunt, I think it’s ’cause I don’t have them all the time so I’ve got more patience to be able to cope with situations that would make parents go crazy. But thanks for the compliment, I do appreciate it.

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