Britain’s Got Talent Week 6 round-up

I did a quick round-up of weeks 1 and 2 together here, week 3’s round-up can be found here, for week 4’s round-up click here and for week 5’s round-up click this link.

NB: This post gives a quick explanation of the golden buzzer. Remember too that this is just my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the view of the act or ITV/ Britain’s Got Talent. If you haven’t seen the acts below I’m sure you can find them on ITV’s website, or the app if you are in the UK, if not use that trusty search engine (looks a bit like the word goggle) to see if you can find videos of them.

Tonight my stand-out acts were:

Tom Pham was a male singer dressed in a, well dress. The act was a stand-out not for the act itself, but for making David fall out of his seat!

Ed Drewett was a male singer/ songwriter who sang one of his originals. He has co-authored some famous songs. His voice has a honest acoustic sound and reminds me of some other famous singer, but can I recall who right now? No unfortunately I can’t and it will bug me that I can’t think who it is. If you seen this act and you think you know which singer am thinking of please leave a comment of who it is. It really is annoying me now and no doubt you. Sorry that I haven’t been able to think of who it is that I’ve been reminded of, I guess you will just have to watch and make up your own mind and let me know.

Kony Puppets were a trio from Poland who put on a puppeteer act with a difference. The trio performed in front of a black screen and in black costumes (so you could not see them) with well what can only be called full-sized puppets attached to them, so that when the “puppeteer” danced the “puppet” moved. Quite funny and good fun.

Jodi Bird was a 16 year old singer who sang a musical song. A few lines in Simon put his hand up for the act to stop, normally when he does this it is because he does not agree with the song choice as it doesn’t suit that singers voice. However this time it was purely because he didn’t like the song but with Amanda’s support she started singing the same song again and got four judges to all give a yes.

Which acts were stand-outs for you? Do you agree with my comments? Can you think who Ed Drewett is reminding me of? Leave your thoughts please.


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