A little update

So yesterday I finally managed to do my post on my views of the winner of Britain’s Got Talent, but other than that you haven’t heard from me for over a month so I thought I’d give my loyal readers a little update.

I’ve been working on my post about my trip to Ikea since May. Yes I know that is a long time to take on one post but as I said in this post I’m not currently doing big posts and as this will be a huge post I’m doing it a couple of paragraphs at a time.

Max, my dog, is a very nervous wee dog and one with quite a few allergies. He is allergic like many westies to chicken, but most westies have a reaction on the skin. Max ends up with vomiting and diarrhoea to chicken, in fact to all poultry and lamb. I refuse to give him rabbit (having pet rabbits in the past and the fact my brother and sister-in-law recently got bunnies for Bambi and Cinderella might have something to do with it). Max may therefore be fine with rabbit, but I’ll never know, that said when we have gave him game before he has vomited that too so he would probably end up sick with rabbit anyway. He can handle a small amount of ham/bacon but too big a portion and he again will vomit. The only meat he is fine with is beef and he can handle fish though he is not particularly fond of dog food with fish, he prefers fresh home cooked fish.

Recently Max had been so unwell we stripped back his diet to sticking to one type of treat (we chose a biscuit brand he likes and is fine with) and put him on hypoallergenic food. Even that didn’t help much so I did what we do when he is really bad and gave him rice pudding. It is a recipe I got out of a dog magazine and I will share it with you in a future post. We use this recipe when we either want to give him a little change and a treat or as I said when he is very sick. The few days with that rice pudding recipe has now settled his poor tummy and we are beginning to reintroduce foods back into diet.

I’m not quite ready yet to go back to my challenge but hopefully soon I will be. As I said earlier I’m working on my post about my trip with Bambi and Cinderella to Ikea. I will also do a post about the rice pudding recipe for dogs. I will also do a post as promised with a 3-D shapes printable pack.

Leave your comments below. If you have a dog with food allergies what foods have you found to work for them? I’m always looking for ideas due to Max being super sensitive.


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