Doggie Rice Pudding Recipe

I promised you I would give you the recipe for rice pudding that I use for Max. I’ve adapted it slightly from a recipe I got in a dog magazine. It was a series of magazines and each issue focused on a different breed, so this is a recipe that has quantities set for a westie, so if you have a larger/ smaller breed you would obviously have to adapt the quantities to satisfy your pooch. Quantities given are for one day’s daily allowance (so other than treats your dog won’t need food).

As I said in my post here, this recipe is given to Max when he is continually being sick as he is allergic to lots of foods or as a little treat. We always used a ceramic dish but cleaning the dish it gets cooked in can be a nightmare, so the last couple of times we have made it in one of those disposable foil trays and it works just as well.

I decided to make the recipe as a free print-out for you, so if you wish to print it out it will be easy for you. As I put in the print-out, the original recipe had full fat milk but I have substituted semi-skimmed milk in the past when we didn’t have full fat milk. The semi-skimmed milk works just as well for creating the rice pudding, but from a nutrition standpoint I don’t know if this substitution changes the amount of nutrients your dog will get, so I recommend getting full fat milk but if you can’t then try semi-skimmed milk.

If you’re a dog owner are you going to give this recipe a try for a treat for your loyal friend? Or does your dog suffer with allergies too and you’re trying to find something that agrees with him/her? Or are you someone who loves to cook, and is going to try this recipe? (I wouldn’t quite recommend this recipe for humans as it might be “plain” tasting, but if you wish to try it go ahead). Leave a comment if you wish.


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