Well my app shows the last post I did was in July!

I had started another post after the doggie rice pudding but never got round to finishing it. No point in making you endure a half thought, as I can barely mind where it was headed. If I do, I might at some point finish it.

I think it didn’t get to the completion stage for numerous reasons. One being I’m still working on my cupboard. Well just the finishing touches really and trying to squeeze everything in there.

Two my dear little Bambi turned 5, which means in Scotland he had to start formal education in August. Not that we haven’t been teaching him from day 1. I use every opportunity I can to impart something new to him each time I see him and I try to teach Cinderella too. My sister-in-law works 4 days a week and my brother has his own business and he has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a form of autism (hence why my mum and I are heavily involved in my nephew and niece’s lives). Therefore they chose to send him to a local “state” school. The emotions and the dynamics of our relationship therefore have changed. I’m getting use to him no longer being a baby or toddler and he is getting use to having to put education first, and our facilitating that, then he gets to play. Monday this week was very poignant for me as I got to help him, after a little snack and play to unwind, do homework. I did my best not to well up as once again I came face-to-face with the change in our relationship. Right up until the day he started school I was allowed to call him “my baby boy” but I was promptly told after his first day of school “I’m your school boy now”. I was glad my sister-in-law brought him to see us after his first day and I got photos of him. I’ll always treasure them. Look at me I sound like he’s an adult and just left home…and he ain’t even my kid lol! So with all this going on I haven’t had time or the heart to focus on my blog.

Adult helping a child with homework, just like I did for Bambi.

Adult helping a child with homework, just like I did for Bambi. Image courtesy of DavidCastilloDominici/

Third reason you haven’t heard from me – my illness has been up and down. I’ve decided I will write about it at some point to help those out there who face similar issues. Just not right now as there is not enough time.

Fourthly I’ve been pondering a thought that has plagued me for sometime, in some ways making me regret the decision to redo my cupboard but it really did need done either way as for the foreseeable future I’m still living with my parents. The decision was in conjunction with my health. I need a place of my own set up to accommodate my illness and although my mum is fabulous when it comes to my illness, in fact accommodating all her kids and their issues they may have, I need a permanent arrangement which of course will be made clear when I finally post on my health issues. So I’ve been taking steps to find my own place.

Finally, and related to the previous two points is I’ve been looking at and started trying recipes for a concept known as Once A Month Meals.I had never heard of it myself to so in case you haven’t heard of it either I’ll give you a basic overview of the concept in a second. I came across this idea when I’d begun looking for recipes that could be easily made and frozen in batches. For example, for years I’ve made macaroni cheese and always made enough to have one portion be frozen for use on another time. I only had to defrost it and then put in the oven to heat it up and give it a lovely golden brown bubbling top. I was looking for those kind of recipes but stumbled upon this Once A Month Meals concept. The basic idea behind it is do all your preparation at same time, freeze “prepped” meals (many do it so they’ll have enough prepped meals for every night of a month hence the name), defrost prepped meals overnight and then put in slow cooker in morning for hassle free meals. It makes getting a nutritious homemade meal easier, as just taking a little longer than your usual preparation time for a meal means you have lots of nights worth of meals prepared and ready to cook. For me it will be great with my health and living alone, as I will have meals ready to cook on days I’m not up to cooking. Also have you ever found a recipe calls for some ingredient that will perish fast but that no other meals you will be making in the foreseeable future calls for that ingredient? It’s happened to me a lot and inevitably it ends up being thrown out. Living alone will mean I won’t be able to afford to do that as much, let alone what it does to the environment. With the Once A Month Meals concept I don’t have to worry as I’d be able to make a few batches of that prepped meal to able to reduce the amount I’d have to throw out. We all look for ways to save our money and this is a pretty good one. I hope to post some of the recipes I’ve tried soon, so far I’ve only tried two but intend to try more.

So to my readers who are still out there a big thank you. Hopefully you won’t haven’t to wait to long to hear from me again. If you want to comment go ahead.


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