Britain’s Got Talent 2015 Second Live Semi-Final

I did a quick round-up of week 1’s audition amongst another post, which you can find here. For week 2, click here, week 3 here, week 4’s, week 5’s here, week 6’s is here and finally for week’s 7 auditions and my thoughts on who I’m most looking forward to in the semi-finals click this link.

For my thoughts on the first live semi-final, click here.

Last night the act who went through on the public vote was Côr Glanaethwy. Entity Allstars (Alesha’s golden buzzer act) were put through by the judges. I’m sad neither of the acts I wanted to go through, went through but hey there is always tonight.

Of tonight’s live semi-finals the acts I most looked forward to were:

Alison Jiear

Jules O’Dwyer & Matisse

Old Men Grooving

The Honeybuns 

But did those acts match or exceed my expectations?  My views on those acts were:

Jules O’Dwyer & Matisse – This time Jules played a toy maker and made the dog come alive by winding him up and oiling his joints etc then the “toy” was “tested” as to his abilities, which involved a lot of dog dancing. We ended up with 2 dogs doing dancing. The second was a friend of Matisse,  both are super adorable and talented. Please let them go through!

The Honeybuns – I think to try and show Simon they can be a serious girl group they stripped back the glitz and opted for black outfits with glitzy accessories. They sang Hold On very well, and once again I wanted to be up on stage with them. They just need to add back a little more of the glitz as that is their personality.

Alison Jiear – Her song choice was Climb Every Mountain from The Sound Of Music. I don’t think it was the best song choice but she did it well. I think if the set was stripped back to a spotlight on her it would have helped, but that would have possibly been the show putting that on to her. Between the set and song choice I found myself a bit disappointed. Either one being improved would have made me love her more, as she can sing!

Old Men Grooving – The act began by the men saying goodbye to their respective “wives” when leaving “their front door”. They all then meet outside and start their old men doing young style dancing, including break dancing! It was fun to watch. I think if young ones were to do the same moves it would be good but what makes this act excellent is that it isn’t young ones, it’s dads and grandads. Good on them for keeping up with the times.

Based solely on tonight’s performance I would be happy for any of the following to make it through to the live finals:

Jules O’Dwyer & Matisse

The Honeybuns

Old Men Grooving

I will post about the results of tonight along with tomorrow’s live semi-final post.

So did you enjoy the second live semi-final this year? Do you agree with who I think should be in the finals? If you wish to comment I’d be glad to read your thoughts.

NB: This post gives a quick explanation of the golden buzzer. Remember too that this is just my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the view of the act or ITV/ Britain’s Got Talent. If you haven’t seen the acts above I’m sure you can find them on ITV’s website, or the app if you are in the UK, if not use that trusty search engine (looks a bit like the word goggle) to see if you can find videos of them.


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