Britain’s Got Talent 2015 Fourth Live Semi-Final

I did a quick round-up of week 1’s audition amongst another post, which you can find here. For week 2, click here, week 3 here, week 4’s, week 5’s here, week 6’s is here and finally for week’s 7 auditions and my thoughts on who I’m most looking forward to in the semi-finals click this link.

For my thoughts on the first live semi-final, click here, the second here and the third one.

Jamie Raven won on yesterday’s show. UDI were chosen last night by the public vote as the judges once again couldn’t reach a majority vote. I’m sad that like Monday’s show the acts I wanted in the final aren’t going to be there, but I’m happy that some acts I love are in the finals.

Of tonight’s live semi-finals the acts I most excited to see were:

Isaac Waddington

Jeffrey Drayton

Lisa Sampson

Maia Gough

Ok WorldWide

The Kanneh-Masons

The Neales

With that many acts to be excited over, did they all do as brilliantly as I anticipated? Or was I left disappointed? Read on to find out:

Ok WorldWide – They began by having all 4 me members lazing around on a giant orange sofa. They then all get energised and start their combination of various techniques, like free running and break dancing. They did their act mainly on a bouncy surface, prompting David to say that it was like a huge bouncy castle. I think that surmises it. Watching talented men doing their tricks on a adult bouncy castle. Can I have a go?

Lisa Sampson – The stage was set up like a 50’s retro diner and I think it was totally the right decision. The set really complemented the act. She began by spinning some hoops on herself then actors who were sitting in some of the booths and brought her things like a “bottle of cola(or something similar)” which she spun hoops on. She then set light to hoop and spun it on her foot and a actor gave her an on fire umbrella she spun in her hands. She gave the burning hoop and umbrella back to the actors and did the hula hoop slinky again. With the act over she began crying and when asked why, she confessed that she has made a mistake. All the judges reassured her they hadn’t noticed it so not to worry, and if she hadn’t confessed I think the majority of us (me included) watching would never have known. Oh well. I loved it, mistake or no mistake.

The Kanneh-Masons – The monochromed dressed siblings were arranged in the middle of the stage with various Greek or Romanesque pillars arranged about them. Again I’ll state it, I’m not a fan of classical music, but they are changing my opinion. Either that or my taste is maturing, or maybe a combination of the two. I think what is making them make classical music more accessible to a younger generation is that they don’t play one long piece, they are doing a mash up of classical pieces which keeps it interesting. I want to see them again and I guess that means I want them in the final and want to buy their album if they should bring one out.

The Neales – All four were in navy suits and the dad began the song with his sons joining in a few lines in. I have no idea what song they sang but it was touching. Add to that the family video montage of the family growing up had everyone tearing. They are good semi-finalists.

Maia Gough – She stated in the video before her live semi-final that she had tonsillitis and had been ordered by the doctor to rest her voice. Without that knowledge you would have no clue she had been ill. Why? She sang so brilliantly, in fact even better than her audition. The stage for her was stripped back to a glass platform and dry ice smoke/ fog machine which helped to show the beauty of her voice.

Jeffrey Drayton – At his audition his “assistant” or ventriquilist doll didn’t want to go in the canon, this time she didn’t want to go in a rocket or to Mars! Bonkers came to mind whilst I watched this act, in a good way. Enjoyable bonkers. After reaching “Mars” Jeffrey took his assistant and put her in a cage, placed a silver blanket over the cage and had some “Martians” spin the cage for him. Blanket was then taken away to reveal that the ventriloquist doll had disappeared and she had came “to life”, as out of the cage came a human version of the doll. I’m guessing a child actor from the height but hey it was fun to watch.

Isaac Waddington – An empty stage expect for a few lights, a piano and Issac. This was justt he setup for him, anything more and it would have detracted from Isaac’s beautiful singing voice and fantastic piano playing. His performance was so mesmerising, and I was actually disappointed when it ended. I could have kept listening. The judges appeared to agree with me from their comments and all 4 giving a standing ovation along with the audience.

After tonight’s performance I think there isn’t many acts I wouldn’t be happy to see again, but the ones I’d want most in the live finals are:

Lisa Sampson

The Kanneh-Masons

The Neales

Maia Gough

Isaac Waddington

The results of tonight show and my thoughts on them, will be posted along with tomorrow’s live semi-final post.

Tonight had the most number of acts I was looking forward to in a semi-final. Was tonight the same for you? Did most of the acts you were looking forward to perform tonight, or was it another night? Either way did you enjoy tonight? Thank you to all who are reading my posts and if you wish to comment, go ahead.

NB: This post gives a quick explanation of the golden buzzer. Remember too that this is just my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the view of the act or ITV/ Britain’s Got Talent. If you haven’t seen the acts above I’m sure you can find them on ITV’s website, or the app if you are in the UK, if not use that trusty search engine (looks a bit like the word goggle) to see if you can find videos of them.


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