Is everything the same or changed?

So apart from my last post, which was the long overdue post to its predecessor, the blogging world hasn’t heard from me in over a year and a half. So has anything changed? Of course.

Bambi is now seven and Cinderella is four, and she will be starting school after this summer. What hasn’t changed is how much I love them, no wait, that’s incorrect. When I learn something new about them it makes me love them even more, and makes me proud to be their aunt, so a year and a half later I love them far more than I did.

2016 was a crazy year for me, well everyone really. My heart broke with a death of a pet, but it was shattered watching the kids go through it. The pet was their nine year old dog, that my brother and sister-in-law had since he was about 10 weeks old. From the maths you’ll realise that means the kids grew up with him. Their dog was there watching over them, playing with them and in a world that changes, having him be there as a constant loving being. To relive it just now describing why and how he died would be too much for me, maybe some other time I’ll blog about it, but it’s been about 8 months, and I still see their grief every time I see them. I know grief doesn’t have a set time to go away, but watching them be torn apart by their dog’s death is heart wrenching. 

In 2016 my health also took a downturn, and as that is a long story to explain what health issues I have I’ll have to address them in another post. I just thought I’d mention it in this long list of changes in my life. 

Without going into too many details, I also, last year, became a volunteer contributor for a newsletter for a charity. I have loved doing this, and can’t wait to keep doing more contributions. The reason I won’t go into many details is my real name is used on the contributions, and for various reasons I chose when setting up this blog to use a pseudonym. To say a lot about the volunteering may lead to putting two and two together, so I hope you understand why I’m not sharing too much.

I guess the major change would be what happened for me in 2015. It happened about 2 months after my last post mentioned above, so although I had been delayed writing my blog entry that I finally posted last week, this just pushed it into impossible to do at this time. So what happened? Excitingly for me I got a home. I had lived with my parents and my dog, but had been looking for my own place. I finally got one, it’s a flat (for those more familiar with American terminology – apartment – though is it technically an apartment if it’s just two floors of homes?). My one bedroom flat is rented from the local authority. Max isn’t one hundred percent thrilled, as people come through “his” main door. If the main door bangs shut, not only do I hear it, but I then have to hear his disapproving bark. I love my dog, but sometimes I wish he had a mute button lol.

I think that’s all the major in my life in the last year and a half, sorry that it’s only a brief review of them. With all them changes though, it means I’ll have to update my About Me page. I hope to be able to do that and post about my health issues soon. If my regular readers are on my blog, they may notice that I have updated the blog slightly. Rather than the image of a field there is now a pen and paper, in the hopes it might inspire me to write more.

For my previous readers, how have you been? For any new readers, glad you have stopped by. Feel free to leave comments and to ask questions.

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