About Me

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read and Welcome!
I’ll be using the pseudonym of Karrie for my blog. I’m in my mid-20’s and still live with my parents. 🙂 That said I’m now looking for my own place.

I’m an aunt to an adorable nephew and niece, who are 5 1/2 years old and nearly 3 years old respectively. For a long time I’ve referred to my nephew affectionately as Bambi and since before my niece was born I’d affectionately refer to her as Cinderella, so when I’m going to mention them it will be with these nicknames. I do lots with my nephew and niece as my mum babysits every Monday and I often see them at weekends too. I love being an aunt, you can shape a young life but you can give them back if they get too much.

I have many hobbies and interests from crocheting to card making to reading. I could be here all day listing them. I like to do craft based activities with my nephew and niece. I also love taking them to various places like soft-play and parks.

I have a West Highland White Terrier called Max. That actually is his name not a pseudonym. Max is brilliant with the kids and loves to play with them. Whenever he is around them you can tell he is on guard to protect them. His age is starting show in that he is not as active and agile as he used to be. However at just turned 9 years old, he’s only just in the “senior” category.

My favourite colour is purple and a lot of things I own have purple, from clothing to duvet sets to curtains. My current “gravatar” has purple in it too, which I obtained from pixabay.
I love driving and being an adoring aunt my car over the last 5 years has turned from maintained and clean to a chaotic and messy car. That is the problem with permanently having kids car seats in your car, you offer to drive them more and your car ends up messy.

If anyone visits my Pinterest account you may notice I have a board for food, but most of it is vegetarian as I eat mainly a vegetarian diet. Maybe sometime I will post my favourite recipes on here for you to try out yourself, either ones I’ve tried from Pinterest or just ones I’ve known or used for a while.

Well that’s all I can I think of for now. Enjoy visiting and come back soon.

I’m now on Pinterest, click here to visit my Pinterest account.

Last Edited: 17/04/2015


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