Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words

A little about this challenge:
I blogged on the 22nd February 2014 that I had created this challenge and planned to start the following day. Anyone can join in this challenge at anytime, but here are the rules* for the challenge:
1) Comment on the original blog to let me know you plan to start the challenge.
2) Choose a day to start and every week on the same day do the challenge.
3) The title of your blog post should be “Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words” and then starting with Week 1 for your first week doing the challenge, sequentially number each time. (See original blog) You should also create a blog category named “Challenge: One Picture, One Thousand Words” into which you should put each challenge blog and any other blogs that you post that refer to the challenge.
4) Upload a picture from a public domain pictures website such as pixabay (to avoid copyright infringements) and give one thousand words either to describe it or to tell a story behind it. In your post you should write something like “picture obtained from >insert website name<" (and no the mention doesn't count toward your thousand words-lol). The picture or your one thousand words shouldn't be offensive or contain profanity or violence – Think "U" or "G" rated.
5) Don't worry if you can't get to one thousand words, just do your best and have fun – remember that this is a rule for it to be fun!

If you stick to these rules I will link your blog below.

Bloggers participating in this challenge:

*The rules are subject to change. I hope I don’t have to change them, but if I should change the rules I will inform each individual participating that the rules have changed by posting a comment on their last challenge blog.

Last Edited: 24/02/2014


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